Tuesday, May 9, 2017

One night over the summer, I found myself really wishing that I was out in the wilderness somewhere, but it being 10pm, I had to settle for painting it on my wall instead. I found some watercolor paints that I had from sixth grade art class and on a complete impulse, I transferred Mount Whitney from California to the wall above my bed. My dad was only briefly angry about my vandalized walls, calmed partly because the paint comes right off with water and partly because he loves Mount Whitney just as much as I do.
Although I have absolutely no experience or skill with painting, I found it very calming to do and began to paint pictures of other places I love all over my walls. It really does make the room feel like an escape from the indoors.
All of the painting are done by me aside for one that my younger brother painted (labeled below). They are all inspired by photos that I took.

Mount Whitney, California

Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, University of Pennsylvania, and Los Angeles

Process of painting Mount Whitney

Camp Mason, New Jersey

Market Street Bridge, Wilkes-Barre

Mount Whitney painted by my brother, Felix

Pictures that inspired the paintings